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Get your body and life back!

Updated: Jan 10

Do you have an intense pain that makes life difficult, unbearable even?

Have you had extreme muscle weakness, or loss of coordination resulting in falls?

Have doctors and specialists offered you pain management techniques that don’t really address the problem?

You are not alone. It’s estimated that more than 20 million people in the United States have peripheral neuropathy. Unfortunately, this figure may be significantly higher as the disease is often misdiagnosed because of its wide array of symptoms.

Dr. Brogdon sums up our patients experience perfectly when saying, "For patients with numbness in their feet that comes with a whole slew of other issues, worrying about falls, not being able to feel their feet or not being able to drive anymore."

When patients symptoms get worse, they begin to lose hope. Blanche sat down with New Mexico living to share her experience living with Neuropathy. She tried to find a solution for her pain, and lost hope. "I wasn’t getting any better, in fact, I was having problems in my left leg and then it went to my right leg too. My legs were numb."

Fortunately, she found AAIM and scheduled an appointment. After a few sessions, Blanche expresses her improvement, “I can sleep better, I can eat better because I am not taking any medication…they listen to you. Dr. Brogdon listens to you and if you suffer something else, she tries to help you.”

By seamlessly blending the ancient science of acupuncture with modern medical solutions we have achieved a 90% success rate in reversing the effects of neuropathy. Each patient starts with an initial consultation during which a sensory exam is performed. This not only aids in making a proper diagnosis but it helps to define just how much nerve damage has occurred. This is important because if a patient has suffered more than 95% damage, there is little that we can do to help. When it comes to treating peripheral neuropathy, regardless of its origin, early detection greatly improves your chances of a full recovery.

“It works, it works…your body comes back. Try it! It’s your life. Don’t waste time, ” Blanche said.

Follow Blanche's advice and schedule an appointment today by calling 505-355-1984!

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