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"It's really helped a lot! It's amazing!"

Albuquerque resident Sharon G. shared her story with New Mexico Living, “I started having all kinds of leg problems. I started having some neuropathy and constant pain to where it wouldn’t even go away. I had trouble sleeping, I felt like if I could, I would have gone in a wheelchair because the pain was so great.”

Peripheral Neuropathy is the pain, discomfort and numbness caused by nerve damage of the peripheral nervous system. Sharon explained that walking and taking care of her son were overwhelming. She often wondered, "How much worse am I going to get?.. I wanna be able to take care of my son. He's everything to us."

If you struggle with your day-to-day living, or your feet pain is ristricting you from enjoying life, you are not alone. Over 3 million people in the U.S. suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy.

Many like Sharon try to find answers and help, "“I didn’t want to be on medication,” says Sharon, “so, then, I saw a news article about this, and it talked about relief for neuropathy."

Sharon decided to pick up the phone and call AAIM, a decision she says she is so happy she made. “Feeling wonderful…it’s amazing how it’s really helped a lot. It’s amazing. We’re really happy we found her,” says Sharon.

Don't waste time! Schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Brogdon today by calling (505) 355-1984!

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