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Long Lasting Solution for Chronic Pain

We understand that chronic pain makes everyday life incredibly difficult. The aching keeps you up at night. The stiffness makes performing mundane, daily tasks nearly impossible. The pain and swelling prevents you from participating in activities that you once loved!

Many people come to AAIM because they're looking for another solution. They've tried medication, injections, even physical therapy, with no long term results. Those solutions provide short term relief, or no relief at all.

Our patient, Sondra, was able to share her personal story with New Mexico Living. She is one in 50 million people who suffer from chronic pain. Sondra describes her pain as "debilitating" and had difficulty walking.

"I was taking Tylenol every four hours. And I went to the doctor after a couple of months of this, and I said, ‘I’ve got to do something about it.’" After taking x-rays, Sondra was diagnosed with arthritis in both her hips and a disc disease. Like many in her situation, she tried physical therapy, then she was told the next thing would be getting shots, which would happen frequently.

Sondra refused and started looking for other options. "I wanted to know what I could do about it, not just exercise." That's when she found us!

"Within a day or two after I had the first session, I was able to walk. I didn’t have any problems. I didn’t have to take any drugs anymore!"

At AAIM, we provide long term solutions. Dr. Brogdon uses an individual and integrative approach. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. To expedite this process, we integrate a targeted microcurrent therapy called ATP Resonance BioTherapy. This technology was originally developed by NASA to expedite healing and recovery. "I use the time-tested treatment of acupuncture alongside modern medicine in order to get those long-lasting results that I do,” says Dr. Brogdon.

"I look forward to my sessions... The whole crew is just great. They know what they're doing. They know how to handle people. They interact with you as a person, personally, not just a number or someone to have a session with, but they know you. I just say you have to try it, you have to try it because she knows what she's doing."

Ready to schedule your new patient consultation? Call (505) 355-1984, a Care Coordinator is standing by to help you get started in living life pain free!

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